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You have the day to day stuff covered, but need professional help with a project? Perhaps you are opening a new location, upgrading desktops or network components like servers and switches at the end of their life cycle or support. No worries, Neptune9 can help.

How Neptune9 can help with your project:

  • Onsite Consulting to figure out exactly what you need

  • Order hardware and software to get the job done from our strategic partners

  • N9 can handle application, hardware and software Migrations

  • Network Component Installation and Configuration

  • Internal Connections and Internet Circuits

These days with the growing importance of technology in all business sizes, almost every company needs IT help, but many don't have the resources or desire to have an IT staff in-house. Neptune 9 has you covered.


Neptune 9 offers different levels of Managed IT Service Solutions to fit the exact IT needs of your company. All designed to bring PEACE OF MIND to our customers with the least amount of down time possible, and guaranteed fast, dependable service from someone who knows your network.


Check out the Managed Service Solutions page for details, and give us a call to have a discussion about your needs.

No matter how big or small your business is, Neptune9 can set you up and offer your business Hosted Email Solutions utilizing MicroSoft Exchange. Using Mircrosoft Exchange for business can stream line your communications and improve efficiency in many areas.

When it is time to upgrade your phone system Neptune9 is who you need to call. We can offer you the latest in Hosted VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol ) technologies that bring all kinds of options and benefits that can be customized to fit your needs.


Here are a few: (Click the title to learn more)

  • Nothing onsite but your phones,no expensive PBX room or equipment to worry about.

  • Take your phone with you (anywhere you can plug our phone into a network cable it works)

  • 4 Digit dialing between your employees

  • Cutomizable voicemails for every extension

  • Have your voicemails forwarded to your email in the form of a wave file when you are out

  • Many more...