We’ve Got You Covered

As a full-service IT company, we offer all the leading tech solutions your business needs to thrive in your industry. In all we do, our team aims to take a proactive approach to protect your operations from unnecessary downtime. As we remotely monitor your network, we’re able to continually manage and maintain your systems to keep your team productive always. You can enjoy true peace of mind as a result, knowing that we’re available 24/7 to diagnose and repair issues before they can impact your bottom line.

Service Level Comparison Chart
Service N9 Managed Support:
N9 Managed Support :
N9 Managed Support :
Remote monitoring & Alerts . . .
Backup services (Offsite Back Up Included up to 1 TB) . Per machine, Per GB Per machine, Per GB
Virus protection services . . .
Online custom client protal for Documentation . . .
Online access to all client tickets . . .
Manage and order license updates & warranty parts . For items purchased from Neptune 9 For items purchased from Neptune 9
Detailed Account Briefings Quarterly Quarterly Quarterly
Basic Technology Consultations (Hardware/Software/Services recommendations) . . .
Dedicated technical account manager . N9 Support Team N9 Support Team
Help desk support . . .
Outsourced CIO Services . Contracted Contracted
Hardware/Software Life Cycle Managemen . Contracted Contracted
Proactive IT/Technology Planning and Budgeting Assistance . Contracted Contracted

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