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Project IT Services

In today’s fast paced business environment running your business on antiquated hardware or software can be dangerous and costly. Down time directly affects your business’s productivity and hardware or software that is out of support, or doesn’t support the latest efforts in security can lead to situations that can seriously compromise your business and customer information.  Businesses are constantly expanding, refreshing, and migrating to new equipment and/or software.


When it comes time to take on these projects Neptune 9 is here to help.

Neptune9 offers onsite consulting/auditing of your Network Infrastructure requirements, and can design solutions that fit your exact needs whether you are growing your current business, refreshing your systems that are in place already, or building up a new location from scratch. Netpune 9 has 10 years of experience serving all of Texas and beyond.

Once you have plan for your infrastructure in place, Neptune 9 can help you put your plan into action with complete Project IT Services to install and configure your network for you.


Check out our Managed IT Services page if you are interested in complete support for your network.